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This resource is a natural product of evolution of game industry. Freedom is it's inspiration and freedom is it's mission. With GDBAY we are free to make our indie projects and finding team mates, sponsors, publishers, community.

Yaraslau I. Kot CEO at BelGameDev. Partner at ComBat Vision is a convenient tool for me to find interesting game events and connections around the world, in also directions in which I would probably otherwise not know to look.

J. Tuomas Harviainen Associate Professor of Information Practices at Tampere University, and Lead Designer at Jinamic.

One ring to bring’em all" for the gigantic industry worldwide? I’m in awe of GDBay’s bold ambition. These guys must be crazy. But they are my kind of crazy. I can’t wait to see them spread wings and fly!

Michał Łukasz Mochocki Academic Board Member at Game Industry Conference. Assistant Professor at Uniwersytet Kazimierza Wielkiego w Bydgoszczy

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Stay tuned for Mobile App!

We’re proud to announce the GDBAY Network mobile app, which will deliver the gamedev community straight to your pocket. Planned for launch in Fall 2020, you’ll be able to reach your whole network on the go.


When will GDBAY Network launch?
We’re blasting off in March 2020. The early invite-only access will be granted for industry experts. Full access will be available in May.
What do I get when I purchase a membership today?
You get a sizeable discount as well as an invite to join the community right as we launch. Each member is privy to the latest GDBAY Network updates. To top it off, you’ll get the GDBAY Early Bird limited edition bundle, mailed straight to you (free global shipping.)
Does GDBAY Network offer free membership?
Our membership is strictly paid. Nevertheless, if you’re an industry veteran or if you’ve joined GDBAY Network as a media partner, please message us and we’ll negotiate a special partner membership package.
Do you offer demo access or a free trial?
We’ve decided to remove the free trial option to prevent spam and keep the community to a high standard.
Will I get access to GDBAY Network if I’m registered on will continue working as a media space and directory for game developers. You can keep using that account to control your company/event/game page but it does not provide access to the GDBAY Network.
Could you notify me on launch day?
Sure, just click here and you’ll get a letter notifying you of GDBAY Network’s launch.

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