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Investment and fund raising for game devs

Ask me anything (well almost everything) session with Triple Dragon. Your chance to ask how to best pitch to investors and what type of funding is available for your studio or project.

Pieter van der Pijl, Co-founder at Triple Dragon Limited

Vision on Generative AI in Games

Generative AI has taken the world by storm because we’ve been able to experience how powerful the latest machine learning models have become. In this session you will learn more about industry use cases, challenges, the latest foundations models available on AWS and how to use them to deliver amazing experience your employees or your players.

Frédéric Nowak, Head of Solutions Architecture - Southern & Eastern Europe - AWS for Games

How to rise a fund for a game studio

Pitch Deck, Company Structure, Game which can raise capital

Arijit Bhattacharyya, Founder & CEO at Virtualinfocom

Boost Me While I Play: Better Play & Earn Case

Blockchain games suffer from lack of sustainability. Play AND Earn instead of Play TO Earn has seen somne success. Now, I will present you the Play and Boost, interesting alternative observed in practice and how it benefited both game and its native chain.

Ranko Trifkovic, Consultant / Product Architect at Red Viking

How To Find A Publisher For Your Indie Game

A concise and to the point guide to identifying the right publishers for your game, reaching out to them with the correct materials, and diligently following up on your submissions. The market today is extremely tough so indie teams need to ensure they are doing all they can to place their game.

Jay Powell, CEO at The Powell Group

29 Lessons From 29 Indie Devs

Inspired by interviews with 29 indie devs from a wide range of fields and expertise, this talk weaves the unique success stories of these indie devs into a comprehensive analysis of the challenges and achievements during their indie game development journey.

Adinda van Oosten, Game Journalist and Educator at Acreates and Deltion

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8-9 November — Global Games Pitch '23 (Autumn Edition)

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⚠️ Event Concluded, Opportunities Continue!

Though our exciting event has concluded, the opportunities for you at Global Games Pitch are just getting started.

🚀 Why Join Global Games Pitch even after the Pitching Show?

  • Ongoing Submissions: The event might be over, but our platform remains active. You can submit your game at any time for potential opportunities with publishers and investors.
  • Year-Round Networking: Connect with a vibrant community of game developers, industry experts, and potential collaborators. Keep the conversations and connections from the event going.
  • Resource Hub: Gain access to a wealth of resources, including our extensive video catalog with talks, workshops, and more.

Whether you’re refining your current project or brainstorming the next big hit, Global Games Pitch is here to support and enhance your journey in the gaming industry. Don’t let the end of the event be the end of your progress – join us now and take your game development to the next level!

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Constantly evolving event since 2020

1. One of the biggest international online pitching events
2. Pitch your game to publishers and investors with ease
3. Boost your knowledge, make new connections

⭐️ What you’ll get as a game developer?

1. Get assistance in preparing for the Pitching Show
2. Get Mentorship Assistance and Feedback
3. Get access to our 365/7 Matchmaking Portal

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For Developers

General Questions

You need to follow this link, then choose a Pass (Basic, Advanced, Pro), and an appropriate Games Track from the list (PC / Console, Mobile, Blockchain, VR). After that you need to fill in your billing details and place an order.

Choose a Pass that suits your needs. All the main features of each Pass are listed in the registration form. For instance, Advanced Pass gives you access to Matchmaking Portal where you can reach out to Publishers and Investors, and with a Pro Pass you can also get mentorship assistance and guaranteed pitching slot.

Matchmaking Portal allows you to connect and chat directly with publishers and investors registered on the Portal. Available for the owners of Advanced Pass and Pro Pass.

Mentorship assistance allows you to get feedback on your pitch deck, and your project from our mentor, as well as support with the best practices on what should be covered in the pitch. You can apply for mentorship via your Global Games Pitch dashboard, and will be connected with your mentor via email shortly after your application. Available for the owners of Pro Pass. 

Yes, you can do it in your Global Games Pitch dashboard. Using the ‘Upgrade options’ button, you can upgrade your Basic Pass to Advanced Pass or Pro Pass, or your Advanced Pass to Pro Pass.

You can submit your game through your Global Games Pitch dashboard. Click the ‘Submit your game’ button, fill in the form, upload your pitch deck, game icon, cover image and screenshots, and click the ‘Submit’ button. This option is available for all types of Passes.

Yes, you can. To submit a second game on the platform, you need to purchase another Pass, then inform us about it, and activate the ‘Double strike’ option in your dashboard. Note, that status of the second Pass should be equal or higher than your first Pass. For instance, if you have Basic Pass, you can purchase any type of the second Pass, but if you have Advanced Pass, your second Pass should be Advanced or Pro.

You will get an email with further instructions closer to the date of the event . Please note that publishers and investors will be able to see your game as soon as you have submitted it on the portal, and contact you at any moment before or after your pitch. Check your notification often to not miss anything important.

Your game will be available on the portal until the end of January next year.


If you have already signed a contract with a publisher or investor, it is better to remove the game from the platform so that investors and publishers know that it is no longer available for offers.

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