Hyper Casual Jam Com — online hyper casual games development marathon

25-27 February 2022 (Online)
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Learn. Collaborate. Develop.

Join our online game jam, meet experts and publishers, and unite with the other developers to create a hyper casual game prototype

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Join Hyper Casual Jam Com 2022 (February 25-27)

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Join online lectures on Hyper Casual Games Development and Publishing

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Meet other Developers from all around the World, exchange experience and collaborate with them.

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Submit a prototype and get an opportunity to win prizes, get publishing offers and receive feedback from experts

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Connect with publishers and stay in touch with them after the event

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Diamond Sponsor

Voodoo was founded in 2013 and is a leading publisher and developer of mobile games (iOS and Android). The company creates games both internally and in collaboration with hundreds of studios around the world. Voodoo has launched more than 100 mobile games, reaching over a billion users worldwide with over 300 million monthly active users and 5 billion total downloads. The company is headquartered in Paris, with offices in Montpellier, Berlin, Amsterdam, Barcelona, London, Kharkiv, Montreal, Istanbul, Tokyo, and Singapore.

Gold Sponsor

Kwalee is a leading publisher and developer of hyper casual mobile games with well over half a billion downloads, across a catalogue including hit titles such as Let’s Be Cops 3D, Draw it, Bake it, Shootout 3D, Rocket Sky! and Line Up: Draw the Criminal. 

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Gismart is a leading developer and publisher of mobile games and entertainment-focused apps with over 800 million downloads. The company operates within three primary focus areas - hypercasual and casual games, music entertainment apps, and wellness products.

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With more than 1.8 billion downloads and 200 games published on Android & iOS, Ketchapp is one of the most iconic players in the hypercasual industry!

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SayGames is a leading hyper‑casual games publisher with over 40 games launched and over 2 billion game downloads globally. Thanks to our advanced user acquisition and product analytics technologies, we are renowned for our high marketing performance. SayGames has offices in Minsk, Kyiv, Limassol, and Barcelona.

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TapNation is a tech startup specialized in mobile Hyper Casual Games in close relationship with more than 100 studios around the world! We provide them with high potential game concepts and high-tech data tools to test and publish
their games on the market.

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AZUR GAMES — is an international developer and publisher of mobile games. Our portfolio comprises over 100 launched free-to-play projects in various settings with a large and loyal audience. More than 30 million users play our games every day. AZUR GAMES is counted among the Top 5 mobile publishers worldwide with over 2 billion downloads.
We know what developers need and we provide it perfectly.

Agenda in 2021
Agenda 2022 TBA
Friday, September 24
Webinar Sessions
Talks from Experts
  • 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM (UTC)

Talks from Experts

Learn from industry experts on best practices of making and publishing hyper casual games.

Ideation Fundamentals
  • 2:00 PM - 2:30 PM (UTC)
  • Polina Beliakova
  • Publishing Manager at Voodoo

Ideation Fundamentals

Bite Sized Hyper Casual Case Studies
  • 2:30 PM - 3:00 PM (UTC)
  • Ashley LUO
  • Business Developer & Market Analyst at Ketchapp

Bite Sized Hyper Casual Case Studies

How to survive for a newbie Hyper Casual developer
  • 3:00 PM - 3:30 PM (UTC)
  • Alina Gribanova
  • Independent Advisor      

How to survive for a newbie Hyper Casual developer

Why you should take UA into account when building a prototype
  • 3:30 PM - 4:00 PM (UTC)
  • Philippe Grazina
  • Marketing Manager at TapNation

Why you should take UA into account when building a prototype

How to generate low CPI concepts in hyper-casual
  • 4:00 PM - 4:30 PM (UTC)
  • Leonid Zverugo
  • Head of Production & RnD at Flime by Gismart

How to generate low CPI concepts in hyper-casual

Game Jam Priorities: How to Make a Great Game in Two Days
  • 4:30 PM - 5:00 PM (UTC)
  • Jake Parker
  • Senior Publishing Manager at Kwalee

Game Jam Priorities: How to Make a Great Game in Two Days

Opening Ceremony
Welcome to Hyper Casual Jam Com
  • 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM (UTC)

Welcome to Hyper Casual Jam Com

Rules and Topic announcement

Saturday, September 25
Game Jam
Game Jam, Work with Mentors
  • 00:00 AM - 11:59 PM (UTC)

Game Jam, Work with Mentors

Team up and develop hyper casual prototypes on a topic announced at the opening.

Sunday, September 26
Game Jam
The Final day of the Game Jam and Work with Mentors
  • 00:00 AM - 5:59 PM (UTC)

The Final day of the Game Jam and Work with Mentors

Polish and improve your prototypes.

Online Submission
Projects Submission Deadline
  • 6:00 PM (UTC)

Projects Submission Deadline

Submit your games at our platform for review by judges.

Monday, September 27
Judges Voting
  • 00:00 AM - 11:59 PM (UTC)

Judges Voting

Our judges will be able to use independent online voting after they have reviewed all the games submitted by our participants.

Tuesday, September 28
Judges Voting
  • 00:00 AM - 1:00 PM (UTC)

Judges Voting

Our judges will be able to use independent online voting after they have reviewed all the games submitted by our participants.

Winners Announcement
  • 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM (UTC)

Winners Announcement

We will announce winners in all nominations and let them know how they can claim their prizes.

Experts in 2021
Experts 2022 TBA

Polina Beliakova

Publishing Manager

Publishing Manager with a focus on Eastern European market

Yury Kotikov

Publishing Manager

7 years in management consulting; 5 years in IT. Got a film criticism degree. Avid gamer.

Ashley LUO

Business Developer & Market Analyst - Ketchapp

Ashley specializes in analyzing hypercasual market trends, establishing & managing collaboration with developers with a sharp eye on the market trends.

Leonid Zverugo

Head of Production & RnD - Flime by Gismart

Leonid is a Head of Production & RnD at Flime by Gismart, a hyper-casual studio founded in partnership with Gismart, which in the last 10 months released over 10 games, 6 of which have become hits with over 200 M downloads.

Jake Parker

Senior Publishing Manager
Kwalee Ltd

Jake is a Senior Publishing Manager at Kwalee, responsible for sourcing the best hypercasual games and working with their developers to produce global hits. As part of Kwalee's fast-growing publishing team, Jake has played a major role in the launching of hits including Sharpshooter Blitz, Rocket Sky! and Clean Up 3D, with many more in the pipeline.

Berkan Kirmit

Lead Publishing Executive
Kwalee Ltd

Berkan joined Kwalee in February 2021. He has a bachelor’s degree in Translation and Interpretation. However, following his graduation, he made a big leap into the mobile gaming industry and started making creative videos as a Video Editor.

Chris Pett

Publishing Manager
Kwalee Ltd

Chris Pett has travelled extensively, and has worked in different industries all over the world! For the past three years he worked as an English Teacher, Graphic Designer, and Design Consultant in China. Now he's a Publishing Manager at Kwalee, and works with developers from across the globe.

Artem Chupryna

Publishing Manager
Kwalee Ltd

A Publisher Manager at Kwalee with previous experience in 3D production ( Augmented Reality, Visual effects in films and Architectural visualization). Artem has two degrees in MBA Video Game Management and Master's degree in Architecture.

Philippe Grazina

Marketing Manager

Philippe is responsible for the editorial line of the company and handles all the different marketing campaigns. He is in charge of developing partnerships, press relations, operating event’s organization and participation, driving the publishing of articles as well as taking care of the community management.

Florian Jauffrineau

VP of Publishing

As VP of Publishing, Florian manages both top studio relationships and productions as well as the internal publishing team. He’s the one responsible for the publishing of Giant Rush, Sneaker Art, Tippy Toe and Web Master.

Kamel Haddad

Chief Data Officer

Kamel is in charge of supervizing data exchange between the apps and servers infrastructure, maintaining highly available cloud services while driving in realtime the gaming experience, and consistently improving the underlying data pipelines. He works in a very close collaboration with our third-party data partners in MMP, monetization, gaming metrics tracking solution, to ensure the most accurate data-driven business decisions.


UA & Monetization Manager

UA & Monetisation Manager at TapNation, Maryse is responsible for the testing and improving processes of all game prototypes. She also handles publishing and development of the company's games in Mainland China. Maryse ensures the proper monitoring of prototypes, and fully manages the games that TapNation self-publishes in China ; as well as the relationship with our Chinese partners.

Anton Volnykh

Head of Developer Partnerships SayGames

I am responsible for growing SayGames' developer partner network while ensuring developers' success in prototyping, developing and operating hyper-casual games. Our goal is to build long-term developer relationships by financing, mentoring, producing and launching independent studios' hit titles with SayGames.

Aleksei Filimonov


in Gamedev since 2011, Worked in Nival, 101xp, Mail.ru

Kirill Borisov

Business Development Manager - AZUR GAMES

Kirill Borisov is Business Development manager at AZUR GAMES and has been in the game industry for more than six years. Kirill works with mobile game developers globally to help them design, develop and distribute chart-topping games. He is always on the lookout for new hit games and interesting business opportunities in the gaming industry.

Yuriy Tsoy

Game Producer / Game Designer - AZUR GAMES

Yuriy Tsoy combines responsibilities of Producer and Game designer with a focus on hypercasual games.

Taras Tarasov

Pawsome Games

Taras is a game industry expert, serial entrepreneur and angel investor, who strives to keep abreast of the latest trends in games market. In a career which spans more than 20 years, he has founded several successful companies.

Alina Gribanova


Business Development expert with 9+ years in gaming industry. Working with Hyper-Casual, Hybrid Casual, Idle, Merge, Midcore, Casual game genres in mobile F2P. ex Applovin, BoomBit, Moonee. Extensive experience in Business Development, Publishing & Production in gaming industry ecosystem.

Aleksandr Pindyk

Team Lead / Senior Game AI Developer - Wargaming

I have been in the gaming industry for over 10 years, of which 7.5 have been at Wargaming. Prior to joining the company and the first two years of work here, I was developing games for iOS / Android mobile platforms. In 2016 I started working on the World of Tanks project, and since 2017 I have been developing AI.

Iman Taeb

Game Advisor

Iman is a game advisor at Storms, where he leads the production of “AZ Run”, a puzzle ball runner game with a global hit profile. Prior to joining Storms, Iman was a Product Manager at Amanotes and had steered over 50+ Android and iOS game projects.

Łukasz Winkler

Unity Programmer
Orbital Knight

Unity programmer with experience in both game development and R&D projects. 5 years of experience. Tea addict.

Olga Khomenko


COO & CO-Founder of PlayToMax, a leading developer of playable ads for mobile games that has succeeded in building a strong expertise in the best performing UA tools. PlayToMax offers fast full cycle development and provides customization tools which allow creating several creatives from one playable.

Vladimir Mysnik

Head of development

Working in gamedev for 5 years. Started as QA, then Game designer and now managing the development teams. Passionate for games regardless of platforms and genres.

Winners in 2021

Alexey Gardner
🏆 The Best Game
🏆 The Best Game Design
Soccer Out
Mars Side Studio (Vladislav Erusov, Vladimir Pocheptsov)
🏆 Second Best Game
🏆 The Best Eastern European Game
🏆 The most innovative game idea by Kwalee
🏆 The Best Art
Crossy Crowd
The Game Studio (Pranav Mehta, Rinkal Gandhi)
🏆 Third Best Game
🏆 The Best Production
Major Pinball
UltraGames (Aabhas Agarwal, Aakash, Abhi, Mayur )
🏆 The Best Pitch
Halloween Harvesting
hungry hungry gamers (Trey Ramm, River Tamoor Baig, Hamza Trabelsi, Thea Randlev Hundebøl)
🏆 Ketchapp's Choice Award
Snake Blocks 3D
FunDream Studio (abdulrahman adham, Abdulrahman Adham, Hadi Zeinaldeen, Hassan Charafeddine, Jihad Shokor )
🏆 PlayToMax ADdictive Prize (Prize for the most addictive game)
Duck Revenge
JetApps (Georgiy Kostyakov, Valery, Artem, Misha, Oleg)
🏆 The Most Creative Game