Hyper Casual Jam Com — online hyper casual games development marathon

24-26 September 2021 (Online)
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Learn. Collaborate. Develop.

Join our online game jam, meet experts and publishers, and unite with the other developers to create a hyper casual game prototype

Learn from professionals

Join online lectures on Hyper Casual Games Development and Publishing

Unite With Your Teammates Globally

Meet other Developers from all around the World, exchange experience and collaborate with them.

Get Feedback And Win Prizes

Submit a prototype and get an opportunity to win prizes, get publishing offers and receive feedback from experts

Unlock New Publishing Opportunities

Connect with publishers and stay in touch with them after the event

Become A Part Of Global Hyper Casual Game Developers Community

Get access to networking tool and continue networking 365/7 

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Are you a publisher or a service provider?

Get in touch with us and discuss partnership opportunities


To Be Announced Soon


To Be Announced Soon

Reach The New Heights In Hyper Casual Games Development