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16-17.NOV.2020 | Online event

Pitch your game online to 30+ publishers and investors.

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The New Format!

Season 1 INDIE TEAMS feedback

What did you like the most about the Global Games Pitch?

The opportunity to scale the reach of our pitch quickly

Brent Elmer Pump Action Games

A lot of different projects can be presented in a short time

Ms Julia Purple Brain Studio

Pitching to everyone at once, instead of lots of separate meetings

Rob Hewson Huey Games

To give indie developers like our selves the opportunity to connect to world wide publishers

Gustav van Rooyen Givit Game Studios

it was very well organized, focused and a great way to pitch your game in an objective way while being open to a Q&A

Pedro Colmenero Lunic Games

It is a great opportunity to practice a pitch and get feedback from it directly for future use.

Cabin Yim FairPlay Studios

Season 1 Publishers feedback

Would you recommend Global Games Pitch to the other publishers and investors?

Yes. Good and relaxed vibes throughout, and straightforward access to developers and their games.


Yes. Opportunity to meet great teams all over the world in a short period of time.

Kooky Dot

Yes, there were quite a lot of pitches. You could jump on and off easily and at anytime, very flexible.

Kowloon Nights

Track #1 Mobile games Pitching

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Track #2 PC / Consoles / vr Games pitching

Learn more about the event format for indie teams

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