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Pitch your PC / Console game online to 50+ publishers and investors!

6-7 April 2021 (Online)
6-7 April 2021 (Online)


  • 1. Event Registration
  • 2. Create Your Game Profile
  • 3. Get Mentorship and Assistance
  • 4. Join Online Pitching
  • 5. Feedback & Ratings
  • 5. Winners Announcement

Get your Pitching Pass

Сhoose a ticket type that works best for you. If you know how to pitch a game and you are confident in your game and your pitch deck, you can choose a Basic Pass. If you need feedback and mentor's support, it's recommended to choose a Pro Pass.

Unlock PRO Pitching Track (New!)

PRO Pitching Track is a new opportunity during the Global Games Pitch that will allow you to pitch your game to more publishers and investors. Access to this track is available to all publishers and investors and is included in the basic free ticket for the event.

Submit Game Project Application Form

After purchasing your ticket, you will receive an application form for your project. Please fill in this form as soon as possible. Our moderator will help you pre-evaluate your project to see how well it’s going to fit with the GGP format. Don’t worry, this isn’t a one-off event so even if you have to postpone your participation, we’ll be glad to include you in the next GGP or you can request a refund.

Create your Game Profile page available only for publishers and investors (NEW!)

Publishers and investors value every minute of their time, which is why many of them prefer platforms like ours where they can quickly browse a list of games that might be relevant to their portfolio. With Global Games Pitch, you can showcase your game projects by creating a profile page available only to our registered publishers and investors and keep them posted on your updates.

Get access to knowledge base

In Knowledge Base you can find video lectures on how to improve the pitch, what to pay attention to and pitching tips and tricks. As a bonus from ACHIEVERS HUB, you'll get the pitching template for your reference.


If you purchased a PRO Pass, you will be introduced to a mentor who will give a feedback for your pitch deck and other materials, so you can prepare better and improve it before the event.

Forming the schedule

Global Games Pitch is an international pitching event attended by teams from over 50 countries. In a few days before the event, we'll form a schedule according to the teams' time zones so they don't have to pitch during the night time. You will receive the schedule and your time slot confirmation in a couple days before the event.

Get your time slot and access to the pitching track

The event goes on for two days. You will receive a final schedule in a few days before the event, where you can find your time slot. Please make sure that the time slot is correct according to your time zone. All the teams pitch according to the schedule in the common streaming channel for your track. You can connect to the stream in advance and watch pitches of the other teams. Our administrators will provide you with an access to the stream and detailed guidelines on how to connect a few days before the event.

The stage is yours!

Time to shine! Join the stream at least 15 minutes before your time slot starts in the schedule and the moderator will introduce you. Please make sure you have a stable Internet connection and a high-quality microphone. You will have 8 minutes for the pitch and 5 minutes for Q&A session. You are encouraged to share your screen and show your pitch deck, demo or gameplay video.

The Q&A session with the investors and publishers

Your pitching session will be followed by a 5 minute Q&A session. Please be ready to answer the questions from publishers and investors. They might also contact you after the event and ask you a question directly.

Gather Feedback before, during and after the event. (NEW!)

We not only invite investors and publishers to participate in the Global Games Pitch, but also industry experts to mentor and provide feedback. With our new matchmaking system, you will be able to get feedback on your game profile page.

Get rating stars to win in pitching contest

During the event and for 7 days after the event, publishers, investors, mentors and industry experts will have the opportunity to evaluate your pitch and project. The more stars and ratings you gather, the better your chances of being shortlisted as a finalist and winner.

Pitch Recordings

Your online pitch will be recorded and published at your game profile to make it available to investors and publishers that weren’t able to see it live. This is done so that the interested parties might review your ptich and those who missed it due to timezone discrepancies will still be able to enjoy it.

Winners Announcement

We will announce 10 finalists and 3 winners at each event. The dates of the announcements:
Global Games Pitch PC/Console Edition — 19th of April 2021
Global Games Pitch Mobile Edition — 16th of November 2021

Pitching Pass

  • Pitch your game
  • Access to the Knowledge Base
  • Feedback Gathering
  • Matchmaking Platform
  • 1 team member only    
  • Game's Profile              
  • PRO Pitching Track 🔥
  • Mentorship assistance

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Pitching Pass

  • Pitch your game
  • Access to the Knowledge Base
  • Feedback Gathering
  • Matchmaking Platform
  • 2 team members ticket
  • Game's Profile                
  • PRO Pitching Track 🔥
  • Mentorship assistance

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Pitching Pass

  • Pitch your game
  • Access to the Knowledge Base
  • Feedback Gathering
  • Matchmaking Platform
  • 2 team members ticket
  • Pinned Game's Profile
  • PRO Pitching Track 🔥
  • Mentorship assistance

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Do I have to pay to pitch my game?
You can get free pass 2 month before the event. Other teams pay a small fee to participate. Part of the finances will be used to maintain and develop GDBAY community.
When is the deadline for application submissions for GGP 2021 PC/Console Edition?
We will accept applications before March 25, 2021.
What stage does a game need to be in to be accepted?
We accept both already published games and games that are still in development. To be qualified for participation, you have to present a minimal playable version or a demo video. A game build or a video should represent the main concept and have at least few minutes of gameplay ready. If your game is still in a concept stage or an early prototype stage, we can only accept it if you bring it up to the above mentioned standards from the moment you purchase the GGP pass to the date of the event.
I’ve paid for my GGP participation but I didn’t pass project reqirements. What should I do?
Nothing terrible will happen, we'll reschedule your participation for the next season. You can also request a refund, but no later than 15 days before the event.
What are the technological requirements for the pitching process?
The two key requirements are a stable internet connection and an environment free of background noise. The moderator will bring you up to speed on the rest as you prepare your pitch.
How many games can I pitch?
Two games per team is allowed. One mobile game and one PC/Console game. You need to buy a separate ticket for each game project.
How much pitching time do I have and can I buy extra time for my pitch?
You get 8 minutes for the pitch and 5 minutes for questions. If you need more than 8 minutes for the pitch, we’ll have to cut into the questions time. The moderator will warn you when you have a minute remaining. You cannot buy extra time as we want the pitching process to be fair. Making extra time purchasable would give an advantage to larger teams with higher investments.
What if I fail to show up on time or my internet lets me down?
We’ll try to reschedule your pitch and fit you into a different time slot, but we can't guarantee it as it heavily depends on a number of available time slots. Please make sure that you can join the pitch room on time with a steady internet connection and a good microphone.
Can I message the investors personally or make a personalized pitch?
If a publisher or investor is interested in your game, we'll share your contact information after the pitch and they’ll connect with you directly. Or otherwise, we will share their contact information with you if they give us such permission.
How can I get feedback on my project?
Pro Pass holders will be introduced to a mentor who will provide feedback and advice on their pitch deck and other materials before the event. We'll gather additional feedback from publishers and investors after the event too, and share it with you if we get something about your project.
How many offers from publishers will I get?
That all depends on your project and your pitch. Follow our guidelines and your mentor's advice to make your pitch more appealing and remember that mastery comes with practice.

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