Pitch your game online to publishers and investors.

  • Pitch your game for publishers and investors
  • Get expert assistance and feedback
  • Cut spends on business trips - meet online.

16-17.Apr.2020 Online event

How to pitch your game :

Stage 1. Registration and game project pre-evaluation.

Submit Game Project Application Form

Follow this link to submit the application form before March 1, 2020.

Project pre-evaluation.

Our moderator will help you pre-evaluate your project to see how well it’s going to fit with the GGP format. Don’t worry, this isn’t a one-off event so even if you have to postpone your participation - we’ll be glad to include you in the next GGP.

Participation fee

If the pre-evaluation is successful, you’ll get a link to pay the participation fee.

Stage 2. Matchmaking and experts evaluation

Assigning your project to mentor & сoordinator

We’ll help you prepare with the format in mind, so you can adapt your pitch for the investors and publishers and include the frequently asked questions. You’ll have 8 minutes to pitch and 5 minutes for a Q&A session.

Matchmaking and inclusion in the schedule

Your project will be selected for one of the streams and set for a particular time slot so you’ll be able to join a stream on time and pitch the project.

Stage 3. Online Pitching sessions

The stage is yours!

Time to show off your strengths. Join the stream at the specified time and the moderator will introduce you. Please make sure you have a stable internet connection and a high-quality microphone.

The Q&A session with the investors and publishers

After your pitch, the moderator will relay any questions that the audience had about your project. You’ll have 5 minutes to answer them and anything that doesn’t fit in the schedule can be discussed in a one-on-one session with your future investor.

Stage 4. Feedback

Revealing the pitch results

Once you’ve pitched, we’ll query all audience members on their interest in your project and ask for some feedback.

Contacting the publishers

We value our guests’ time so we’ve created a matchmaking system (yes, like Tinder.) If your project catches someone’s attention, they will request your contact info and connect with you directly.

Stage 5. Post-Pitch Life

Pitch Recordings

Your online pitch will be recorded and made available to investors and publishers that weren’t able to see it live. This is done so that the interested parties might review your ptich and those who missed it due to timezone discrepancies will still be able to enjoy it.

Publication for GDBAY Network

Your pitch will also be made available for the GDBAY Network exclusive community in a month. That way other participants will be able to watch the pitch and learn a little about your project. If you’d prefer we didn’t publish the pitch - please tell us.

Submit your game for pitching!

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Registered publishers

Publishing/Investing in:

* Multiple choice. Last update 22.Feb.2020

Nintendo Switch


* Multiple choice. Last update 22.Feb.2020
Family / Kids
Social Casino
Time management

Relevant project stages

* Last update 22.Feb.2020
In Production
Alpha Stage
Beta Stage
Game is Published


* Last update 22.Feb.2020


Do I have to pay to pitch my game?
Indie teams pay a small fee to participate. The Cyber Monday deal is $39. The Regular package is $129.
When is the deadline for application submissions for GGP 2020?
We will accept applications before March 1, 2020.
What does one need to participate and pitch a game at the GGP?
Register, pay the participation fee, prepare the game for the pitch, write a pitch document, and pass the verification from your mentor before March 8.
What stage does a game need to be in to be accepted?
We accept both self-published games and projects that are still under development. For the latter, you must present a minimal playable version, the game should show off the main concept and have at least 5 minutes of gameplay ready. Demo graphics and audio are accepted. If your game is still in the concept or early prototype stage, we can only accept it if you bring it up to the standards from the moment you purchase the GGP pass to March 8, 2020.
Who are the mentors and why do I have to pass a verification after registering and paying?
Don’t be spooked by the verification. We’ll be assigning mentors that will help you prepare your best pitch. This includes the document, the game presentation itself, and even the software you’ll need for an impressive pitch. We also want to ensure that the game is presentable and the publishers will be wowed, which is why these experienced mentors will be on your side.
What are the technological requirements for the pitching process?
The two key requirements are a stable internet connection and an environment free of background noise. The moderator will bring you up to speed on the rest as you prepare your pitch.
I’ve paid for my GGP participation but I didn’t pass or didn’t finish my mentor verification in time. What should I do?
We’ll be waiting eagerly for you at the next GGP, participation in which will, of course, be free for you. Let’s make that attempt count, shall we?
How many games can I pitch?
Only one game per team is allowed. Choose your best work.
How much time do I get and can I buy extra time for my pitch?
You get 8 minutes for the pitch and 5 minutes for questions. If you need more than 8 minutes for the pitch, we’ll have to cut into the questions time. The moderator will warn you when you have a minute remaining. You cannot buy extra time as we want the pitching process to be fair. Making extra time purchasable would give an advantage to larger teams with higher investments.
What if I fail to show up on time or my internet lets me down?
We’ll try and fit you in for a different time slot but that’s not a guarantee as it hinges on a time slot actually being available. Please make sure that you can join the pitch room on time with a steady internet connection and a good microphone.
Can I message the investors personally or make a personalized pitch?
If a publisher takes interest in your project during the pitch, they’ll contact you for a one-on-one chat. After the event’s done, we’ll mail you a list of all publishers and investors that gave permission to divulge their contact info.
How can I get feedback on my project?
Our mentors can provide the basic feedback on your project before the event. Afterward, we’ll ask the listeners to send in their feedback and specify how interested in the project they are and why.
How many publishers will see my pitch?
The event will have chat rooms filled with publishers and investors. Before we begin, project lists and schedules will be mailed out. The publishers will be able to join and leave the conferences at any moment so it depends solely on how much attention you can garner. However, we will be saving your pitch in the GDBAY Network so anyone who misses out can watch it later if they’re part of the publisher/investor network.
How many offers from publishers will I get?
That all depends on your project and pitch. The destiny of your game is going to be decided not just by the publishers but by you as well.


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