Join Global Games Pitch as a game Publisher or Investor!

  • Pre-evaluated game projects.
  • Games that meet your publishing criteria.
  • Cut spends on business trips - meet online.

16-17.Apr.2020 Online event

How to meet new Indie teams and projects looking for publishers and investors?

Stage 1. Registration and Gathering publishers / investors requirements.

Publisher/Investor Registration

Please fill out this form and tell us a bit about yourself, the projects that interest you and the expectations you have for the teams. Once you’re done, you can pay the participation fee and complete your registration for the GGP.

Stage 2. Matchmaking and Scheduling

Only the Relevant Projects

We make the schedule based on the timezones of the registered companies and investors and match them to projects that might be a good fit for them. So you won’t have to stay up until 5 AM just to catch that “Angry Birds but now with cows” pitch.

Stage 3. Welcome to GGP - Join Globally

Two Days of Pitching

You can join the pitching stream online at any point. Waiting for you are indie companies that will show off their projects and a moderator that will time the presentations and accept any questions you may have.

Ask Away

Every pitch is followed by a Q&A session where you can posit the toughest questions to the team leads and our moderator will relay them. If the Q&A runs out before your interest is sated, you can contact the team directly later.

Stage 4. Valuable Feedback

Feedback sessions

We’ll ask you to leave a bit of feedback after each pitching session and mark your level of interest in each project.

Stage 5. Finding Your Project

Watch Pitch Recordings

Didn’t have the time to watch all pitches? Don’t worry, we’ll be recording each of them for later viewing. Gold Members get access to these once the event ends.

Platforms & Technologies

* Current and planned. Multiple choice. Last update 22.Feb.2020

Nintendo Switch


* Multiple choice. Last update 22.Feb.2020
Family / Kids
Social Casino
Time management

Stage of Development

* Last update 22.Feb.2020
In Production
Alpha Stage
Beta Stage
Game is Published

Scheduled release

* Last update 22.Feb.2020
Spring 2020
Summer 2020
Fall 2020
2021 +
Already released


Do I need to contact every team separately to hear the pitch?
No need. You can join a private room to see the pitch live online. The indie teams will be joining in turns and sharing their screens during the pitch. You’ll likely be joined by other investors and publishers in the room, unless some huge project lures them all to a different one. 😉
Can I ask questions during the pitch?
Each room will have a moderator that will relay any questions you may have during a Q&A session. You can submit them in text form. That way the teams don’t get distracted or too nervous and can show their best side. And, of course, our mentors will train the teams to be ready for any questions so don’t be shy and ask away!
Will I see the project list and schedule before the event starts?
We’ll send you an email with all of these details several days before the event starts.
Can I contact a team that I liked?
Once the event’s done, you’ll get access to a contacts database that includes all teams that pitched during GGP. You’ll also receive a form where you can specify how much you liked each project and how interested you’d be to get involved in it.


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