Whats new in 2022 for publishers and investors?

1. Pay what you like pass

This ticket has a number of limitations. You will be able to create a page for your company in the interactive publisher and investor base for all our developers. You decide how much you want to support GDBAY team 🇺🇦

2. Interactive database of Publishers and Investors for game developers

We have redesigned our Publishers and Investors Directory to make it more interactive. Now game developers can easily reach you directly and apply with their game profile and pitch deck. 

3. Improved 365/7 Matchmaking Platform

GDBAY.Plus Pass owners will be able to view all the games on the platform that will be submitted throughout 2022 and communicate directly with our developers. Meet our developers regardless of the event dates!

Publisher/Investor Registration

Choose your pass type and create your personal profile at GDBAY.Network. Here you can start your journey using all features and services at GDBAY.

Explore all games and developers with our new Matchmaking Platform

All registered GDBAY.Plus members will have access to an online platform that allows easy viewing of all game profiles (PC, Console, VR, Mobile, Hyper Casual and Blockchain) and direct contact with developers.

Create Publisher's or Investor's Company Page

Become a part of 365/7 interactive database of Publishers and Investors for game developers. Gather incoming requests from developers with game pages and give quick replies.

Online Pitching

Format of the event is a closed online game developers show. You can join the stream to watch online pitches live. The track will be hosted by moderators.

Ask Away

Every pitch is followed by a Q&A session where you can ask all your questions through our moderator. If the Q&A ends before your interest is sated, you can contact the team directly later.

Watch Pitch Recordings

Didn’t have time to watch all the pitches at online event? Don’t worry, all of them will be recorded for the later viewing. GDBAY.Plus holders will get access to them in a few days after the event.

⚠️ Choose this ticket if you want to explore the format of the Global Games Pitch event. You will only get access to 1 online track, and watch up to 30% of all participants’ projects. You can upgrade to a higher category ticket at any time.

⚠️ This pass is for publishers and investors who want to get the most out of the event and our platform. The pass is valid until 1 February 2023. The pass is granted for one person and can not be transferred.

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