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Whats new in 2021 for publishers and investors?

1. Free ticket (The Offer ends 1.MAR.2021)

This ticket has a number of limitations, but allows you to get an overview of the Global Games Pitch format before deciding to purchase a full membership.

2. New 365/7 Matchmaking Platform

Global Games Pitch has become even more accessible with our new platform where you can browse new game projects before, during and after the event. Meet new teams even after the event! Use the handy search, leave feedback for teams, add projects you would like to follow to your bookmarks or message the developers directly. 

3. Single Subscription for all services

GDBAY.Plus is a comprehensive suite of services for game publishers and investors offered on an annual subscription basis. It includes full access to the game developers base with matchmaking, tickets to the Global Games Pitch, and other benefits. Learn more 

  • 1. Event Registration
  • 2. Explore Matchmaking Platform
  • 3. Join Online Pitching Event
  • 4. Feedback & Networking
  • 5. Pitching Records

Publisher/Investor Registration

After the registration, please fill out the form you get over email. Tell us about your company, the projects that interest you and your expectations from the teams.

Explore all projects with our new Matchmaking Platform

All registered GDBAY.Plus members will have access to an online platform that allows easy viewing of all registered projects (PC/Console + Mobile / Hyper Casual) and direct contact with developers. Standard Pass holders will receive the team schedule of one of the events a few days before the start.

Two Days of Pitching

Format of the event is a closed online game developers show. Within two days, you can join the stream to watch online pitches live. The track will be hosted by a moderators.

Ask Away

Every pitch is followed by a Q&A session where you can ask all your questions through our moderator. If the Q&A ends before your interest is sated, you can contact the team directly later.

Feedback sessions

We’ll ask you to leave a bit of feedback after each pitching session and mark your level of interest in each project. Perhaps you would like some projects to contact you at a later stage of development.

Watch Pitch Recordings

Didn’t have time to watch all the pitches at online event? Don’t worry, all of them will be recorded for the later viewing. GDBAY.Plus holders will get access to them in a few days after the event.

Join as a publisher or investor with early bird deal!

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⚠️ Choose this ticket if you want to explore the format of the Global Games Pitch event. You will only get access to 1 online track, and watch 20% of all participants’ projects. You can upgrade to a higher category ticket at any time.

⚠️ You will get access to the online event and a list of all participants’ projects during the event. This ticket does not include the option to view projects before the event starts and newly registered projects after the event ends.

⚠️ This is membership for publishers and investors who want to get the most out of the event and our platform. The membership is valid until 1 February 2022. Membership is granted for one person.

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Do I need to contact every team separately to hear the pitch?
No need. You can join a private room to see online pitches live. Indie teams will be joining in turns and sharing their screens during the pitch. You’ll likely be joined by the other investors, publishers and fellow developers in the room.
Can I ask questions during the pitch?
Every pitch will be followed by a moderated Q&A session. You can ask your questions in writing during or after the pitch (write them in a chat or direct them to a moderator).
Will I see the project list and schedule before the event starts?
We’ll send you an email with these details in a few days before the event.
Can I contact a team that I liked?
A few days before the event, you’ll get access to contact information of all teams, so you'll be able to contact them after the event. After the event, you’ll also receive a form where you can specify which projects you liked the most and request an introduction(s) to the team(s).

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